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About Us

Willow Cafe, Albany Eatery

About Us

Willow Cafe, Albany Eatery

Willow is modern, with a sunny north-facing setting and outside dining available, serving a fresh gourmet a-la-carte and cabinet foods. Extensive selection of coffees, hot and cold beverages, gluten free & vegan smoothies, beer and wine. We were selected the best cafe in Albany, Auckland North by Metro Magazine 2015.

Coffee & Drinks

We know it is why many of our customers keep coming back, so maintaining the quality is important.


We use fresh ingredients, most of which are free-range, and prepare many of our own items from scratch.


Delicious foods and drinks for special group event.

Great Coffee

Coffee isn't just a drink; it's a lifestyle. We believe that if coffee is worth making, it's worth making well.

Private Space

Very private and peaceful place to enjoy for your break

Easy to Park

Lots of places for parking. Easy.

Friendly Staffs

Super friendly and genuine service.


Willow Cafe

The best 50 Cafe in Auckland 2015 : Best in suburb - Albany